Health Program Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

For Shine4Health, the true test of a well-designed program and project resides in how well it is integrated into all related health activities through concrete interventions that improve and sustain outcomes, through good planning, good implementation and follow-up that translate into a better life for the community.

Shine for Health professionals ensure that public health projects and all subsequent written proposals are well designed, coordinated, facilitated and harmonized with timely support. By doing so we assist our partners, stakeholders and their projects in achieving the project targets, according to strategic plans, and pave the way for the integration into the health system, keeping in mind local realities.

Monitoring, evaluation and follow up

Shine4Health evaluates and monitors projects during the implementation period, and assures that a good follow up is conducted to maintain a sustainable impact on people’s lives. A well-established standard reporting system and Health Management Information System ensures the project is aware of epidemiological fluxes within the focus population to ensure rapid and appropriate responses. This well designed M&E data system should be put forth at the planning stage alongside program/project goals.

Health projects strive to develop results chains for intervention before implementation and ensure that a Measurement Plan is in place. Shine for health supports stakeholders achieve this goal, assessing project impacts, the extent to which stated objectives have been achieved at the end of the project and effectiveness of project approach, with various participatory assessment/evaluation tools.