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Public Health and Development Programs with local realities in mind.

With Shine for Health you get the best of these three words: Commitment, accountability, and quality.

Equipped with technological expertise and a body of knowledge in medicine and public health, Shine for Health makes it possible to bridge the gap between private actors and government players, by capitalizing on the existing limited resources.

Shine for Health team recognizes that the sustainable resolutions of health problems require not only an attention to the health system as a whole, but also to other critical determinants such as stakeholders outside the health system.

Socio-economic development hurdles, especially in the field of public health, are considerable in the middle- and low-income countries. Shine for Health, through its field experience, aims to work on identifying health challenges through research as well as defining design constraints and better implementation.


Shine for Health’s Consulting  experience in health systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America is based on an innovative approach  that takes into account new technologies and  the realities of the less affluent or disadvantaged populations in order to help bring lasting solutions.

Countries worldwide came together in 2015 to put forth a people-driven, transformative agenda, namely The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is built on the foundations of participation, transparency, and inclusion, and set target for 2030. (Link). Our team works to make sure that communities participate in the equitable implementation of this agenda.

Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation

For Shine for Health , the true test of a well-designed program and project resides in how well it is integrated into all related health activities.


Capacity Building

Shine for Health builds the capacity of institutions and communities.

Disease Surveillance & Global Health

Shine for Health Professionals help prepare and implement disease surveillance and response programs


Emergency and Humanitarian Preparedness and Response,  and Migration Health

The experience of Shine for Health specialists in humanitarian public health programs, is enormous.

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Shine for Health conducts research and studies, monitor and organize campaigns against
neglected tropical diseases in Africa.

Research & Survey
Health Education and Communication

Shine for Health works with communities, donors and sponsors through study and assessment in order to identify the health and resource needs, concerns, values and assets.

Our work seeks to change the world into a better and healthier place.

Video of work

Some Past Projects


Haiti and Dominican Republic

Working with International Health Organizations for Outbreak Response

Actively implementing CDC, OFDA etc. multimillion cholera and disaster response programs in Haiti; and participating the Hispaniola Response Plan

Chad & Zimbabwe etc.

Humanitarian Crisis Response

Providing comprehensive humanitarian assistance to war refugees in the Darfur War, in coordination with partners, while building the capacity of the local health system.
Development and Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) projects in Zimbabwe

Democratic Republic of Congo

Health Project Evaluation

Evaluation mission of “Hospital Twinning” project between Congolese diaspora in Belgium and, hospitals in the DRC, in order to scale up the projet


Campaigns against Tropical Diseases

Organizing and participating in West Africa regional chirurgical campaign against neglected tropical Diseases, in a World Bank Group and Ecowas funded program

Sierra Leone

Professional Government and Community support

Supporting the community and the Government in a comprehensive response to the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone and Guinee, and helping prepared the non-affected countries in West Africa


Combating Malaria in Africa

Multi-sectoral and strategic regional approach for malaria Elimination sessions, with 15 west African country representatives at Ghana and Togo Border

Migration health

Public Health and Migration health

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