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Professional Public Health and Development

Wide ranging services and capabilities & accountability

Shine for health offers a wide range of services for even the most difficult public Health projects. This comes from our years of experience in the field and all over the world. Take a look at our services and let us know how we can best serve your needs


Health Program Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

For Shine for Health, the true test of a well-designed program and project reside in how well it is integrated into all related health activities through concrete interventions that improve and sustain outcomes, through good planning, good implementation and follow-up that translate into a better life for the community.

  • Detailed and thorough health system and program strategy development
  • Program planning and implementation support and assistance
  • Monitoring  and follow-up to assess project impact and effectiveness of approaches.

Disease Surveillance and Response  & Global Health

An effective disease surveillance system is comprised of cyclical elements, which provides vital pieces of information. Shine for Health professionals will help prepare and implement disease surveillance and response programs. Shine for Health conducts research and studies, monitoring and organization of campaigns against neglected tropical diseases in Africa.

  • Experience planning and implementing routine and outbreak responses
  • Extended support and reevaluation
  • Regular inspections and checks

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Neglected tropical diseases remain a major public health concern for most developing countries, especially in West Africa. By the end of the last decade, advocacy for integrated control of different NTDs had grown on the premise that integration is both feasible and cost-effective. These diseases don’t have widespread research into their cures. Shine for health  professionals have worked to handle these situations with successful outcomes.

  • Experience with prevention and treatment campaign of NTDs
  • Investigation of local causes and previous solutions

Capacity Building

Shine for Health builds the capacity of institutions and communities. The experience of Shine for Health specialists in humanitarian situations, ready to assist in all studies and implementation of humanitarian public health programs, is enormous.

  • Utilize local infrastructure to build forward.
  • Development at local, city, state, and national levels.
  • Experience developing community projects

Emergency and Humanitarian Preparedness and Response, Migration Health

The Ebola crisis of 2014 was a huge surprise to the world. Countries around the world mobilized to handle the emergency. Shine for health was part of that team.
Shine for Health was on the ground supporting the national and international coordinating response team . We aim to work around the world to prevent such outbreaks.

  • Experience in war-time conditions
  • Migrant health screening
  • Natural and man-made disaster responses

Research, Health Education and Communication

Shine for Health conducts research and studies, monitoring and organization of campaigns against diseases in Africa. Shine for Health works with communities, donors and sponsors through study and assessment in order to identify the health and resource needs, concerns, values and assets.

  • Conduct research in collaboration with local researchers

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations improving life through Shine for Health in developing countries

  • Collaboration with local researchers

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